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Vikings Season 2 Promo

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Make me choose galleywinter asked : Fenris or Sebastian?

Hannibal 2x05: Mukozuke

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Yes, I have an agenda. Living.

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"Raul just felt like he understood the material, he understood the character, … It takes a very specific actor to be able to navigate that. I just knew Raul could do it, and I love being in the editing room with those scenes with Raul, because he always tries something new and something funny. He improvises, like in the first one when he’s like, “Hannibal, Hannibal, Hannibal…” None of that was really scripted, and it just felt like he was such a goof that it’s fun to roll your eyes at him, but you’re actually invested in his role." - Bryan Fuller

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You meet instead a funny, self-deprecating man who arrives in jeans and an old sweater and kicks off his shoes. He starts out a little fast and nervous; joking about his star dressing room; saying that in Cincinnati, where he won raves for this production earlier this year, his character wore Hugo Boss and here he wears Armani, not that he can see the difference. He talks about those windows to the actor’s heart, the photos on the makeup mirror. That’s the grandmother who raised him; that’s Michele, whom he married at 23, on their honeymoon.

But he gets to the stuff that’s been tearing him up, the stuff that most leading men would never discuss, pretty early, almost as if he wants to make a public statement. He’s been reading a book that suggests sitting quietly for 10 minutes a day and just seeing what feelings come up, he says, and “basically, there’s a lot of sadness underneath, sadness and anxiety.” (NY Times, 2006)

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Dr. Frederick Chilton + eavesdropping

"There has not been a word exchanged between those two men in my hospital that I have not heard."


Would you rather laugh with the sinners or cry with the saints? (X)

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Raúl Esparza [x]